Will iphone 6s sell out in stores

In other words, consumers looking for those phones on Labor Day would have seen models with entry-level 16 gigabytes of storage. Had they waited three weeks, they would have found these models with a way more generous 32 GB of storage. Apple hasn't announced pricing or terms.

Stop! Don't buy a new iPhone until the fourth week of September

We're just taking an educated guess. When it launches the new phones, historically Apple takes the oldest model that had been for sale off the market. Now, despite what I just said about not buying a new iPhone now, readers, if you really miss the days of having a headphone jack on your phone, this would be the last chance to get a brand new model with one. The 6s has a 4. So I bring you back to my original thought. Last year the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus phones went on sale on Sept. The iPhone 6s' performance will surely slow down to the point where you'll want to buy a new iPhone sooner than you would if you bought the new iPhones, or even the iPhone 7.

That's a risk you'll have to determine yourself whether or not you want to take it, and it's why I'd suggest buying the iPhone 6s, refurbished or not, if you're a relatively light smartphone user.

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  • Stop! Don't buy a new iPhone until the fourth week of September!
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Plus, the iPhone 6s still has one feature that's missing on the iPhone 7 and new iPhones: The headphone jack. For me, a somewhat heavy smartphone user, I feel like I'm still getting my money's worth with the iPhone 6s Plus I bought almost two years ago. But I do expect it to slow down over the next year or so to the point where I'll want to upgrade to whatever Apple has in store for us in Antonio Villas-Boas I can understand if the word "refurbished" puts you off, but my experience with refurbished Apple products from Apple's Refurbished Mac Store has been overwhelmingly positive.

Apple's estimated trade-in values which vary depending on model and condition and are accurate as of Sept. That's fine if you're a Best Buy fan, or plan to buy your next iPhone there, but it's not ideal if you're looking to buy elsewhere.

Before you sell

Best Buy's trade values are based on carrier, color, capacity and, of course, condition. A few examples:. Gazelle is a third-party buy-back company that offers straight cash via check or PayPal; they also have an Amazon gift card option for your device.

Gazelle tends to offer less for carrier-locked phones , so you may want to unlock your phone before trading it in. A few examples of current trade-in prices:.

Apple iPhone XR Sales Are A Surprising Mystery

Have you ever sold or traded an iPhone? If so, what method did you use, and how was the experience? Update Sept. Adds new pricing and trade-in information.

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