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Tap anywhere on the list to change it from showing percentages to also showing you a breakdown of how much screen time and background time the running apps are taking. Remember that while some apps -- the Music app for example -- are designed to work in the background, most apps are not and could be the cause of the problem.

While you're here, also look to see if you have No Cell Coverage on the list. If this is responsible for high battery usage, then you've found your problem -- being out of cell coverage or in an area with poor coverage. If this figure is high, try putting the iPhone into Airplane Mode when cell coverage is poor you can still turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth independently to see if that helps.

How to Fix Overheating and Battery Drain on Electra Jailbreak?

If you notice an app with unexplained high background usage, then you may have solved your problem. Dear Apple: After you've done this, it is a good idea to check to see if the battery drain issue is any better by repeating the tests you carried out earlier. If things are now good, then you're done. If things are no better or just a little better, then look for another app that may be working in the background when it shouldn't and switch that off, too. And, if things are no better, undo the change you made previously. Another feature that could be draining your battery is push email, which can actually prevent your iPhone from going to sleep properly.

If when you carried out the tests here you found that the Usage and Standby figures were almost identical, then this is likely down to email. If you have multiple email accounts coming to your handset, then you can click on them separately and disable push separately to see if that works. I find that push works well for iCloud accounts, but it routinely causes problems with other third-party email providers. If none of the above helped you narrow down the battery drain problem you are facing, then you're down to a few final options:. People don't want to pay big bucks for a new smartphone.

How to fix iPhone/iPad battery drain after iOS update

Supermicro making a push into high-end gaming motherboards. Here how to diagnose the problem and get more battery life. Apple confirms that Group FaceTime 'add person' feature is hobbled after eavesdropping patch in iOS Apple is having a bad year, and so many of its problems are self-inflicted. Apple cracks down on apps that secretly record taps, keystrokes. Apple releases iOS Apple's promised patch for the iOS bug that allowed users to eavesdrop on others using group FaceTime calls has been released.

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Where's my iOS The bigger the Apple ecosystem becomes, the less Apple seems to be able to keep it managed. Keep an eye out for the iOS Siri Shortcuts can be abused for extortion demands, malware propagation. If weaponized, Siri Shortcuts could be an effective tool for extortionists, malware and scareware groups. To close these apps, open the App Switcher and then kill any open app to save battery.

Users Are Complaining About iOS 12 Battery Drain Issue. Here’s How To Fix It

Due to the nature of this problem, none of these fixes can guarantee that you will be able to fix it. Method 1: Remove Problematic Tweaks Try removing each tweak manually and check battery status. Method 3: The display itself consumes a lot of battery power.

Problem: Control Center buttons are freezing

If the brightness is higher than it should be, you can turn off the Auto-Brightness and adjust it manually. The feature brings alive the display when you move the device from a stationary position. However, users have reported in the past that turning off iCloud Keychain and then turning it on instantly has resolved battery problems on older iOS versions.

Users Complaining About iOS 12 Battery Drain Issue. How To Fix It

If none of the above tricks work, you should give it a try. If the iOS 12 battery drain issue is due to a bug, we should expect Apple to push out a software update soon fixing the issue.

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