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To say Sony is iterative on design would be an understatement. The Z5 looks just like the various Sony flagships from the last two or three years. All glass, back and front, held together by a band of metal with plastic corners that are meant to absorb the energy of a drop to the floor and help the screen not shatter.

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The frosted glass back both looks and feels nice, while the phone is reassuringly solid in the hand. Wireless charging, which you would think would be perfect for something like this, is disappointedly absent. The 5.

Vibrant, colourful, bright and with good viewing angles. The phone is slightly thicker than high-end rivals from Apple and Samsung at 7. The front-facing speakers are decent, for small phone speakers, and make it easier to watch videos in stereo without blocking the speaker with your hands. The Z5 does get warm, but not enough to cause issues in my testing. It was warmest when downloading music for offline playback, not when playing a graphically intensive game. I found battery life a little disappointing. I noticed that the camera impacted the battery life considerably, running the battery almost flat in under 18 hours shooting around 40 photos at a wedding.

Sony customises the standard Android 5. Sony makes some useful additions, including more customisable quick settings toggles in the notifications shade, some task automation, such as turning on the Wi-Fi when you get home, and theme support to change the look of the software.

Premium Anti-Fingerprint Matte Sony (end 2/26/ PM)

The megapixel count allows the phone to produce 8-megapixel images with a 5-times digital zoom without losing detail, or oversample without zooming, which helps to remove noise and artefacts. Photos look great, with good detail and colour accuracy in middling and good light. Low light performance is OK, but not best in class. Focusing was very fast, but sometimes struggled in lowlight situations. I found the flash was particularly ineffective. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Tags This thread has automatically been categorized with the following tags.

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Click on any of the topics to find related threads. Thanks Meter: By Teknohtc , Senior Member on 6th April , Now i have been through allot of protectors and allot of them advertise that they are anti finger print and oil repellent but, they end up being in the garbage within a few days due to then having scratches,fades etc. Now i decided to order these Benks HSR protectors and when i first got them and open the package i can tell this is a serious protector!

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The amount of things that came with this protector is crazy! Let me list what came with it!: Now for functionality,let me say this protector is smooth, super smooth! Then came the finger print test, nothing! Same thing with oil residue a couple swipes on the shirt, gone! This is one of the screen protectors that actually advertised the functions and is true!

Sony Xperia Z5 review: good but not exceptional

Do i recommend it? Matter of fact, getting another two just in case! I will update in a week and let you guys know this one is a long term protector! Link is below! I have had these protectors for 2 months and they are showing a bit of wear. I have done everything to the screen protector. Had showers with the phone,washed phone with soap,went fishing with it lol the only wear on it was there was scratch marks on it but, were there because, I put it in a zip lock bag and a bit of sand got inside the zip lock so, the minerals scratched the protector.

I have 2 more packs that's how much i love them!!! Junior Member.

T-Mobile Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z Anti-fingerprint SUPA39885

Join Date: Jul Senior Member. May My Devices: Mar Waiting for your review. Will probably get it after protectors bundled with XZ wear and tear too much. I am too waiting for your review guys.