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Thread Deleted Email Thread. Just having a look on my phone and I relise that all the things I use and rely on are available on my previous Symbian Nokia E71 and that in fact if I still had my E55 I'd be able to almost everything I do now but with 5 days battery life for camping trips instead of 1.

The Nokia E71 was released in We're now looking to This makes me want to take stock and say are we really achieving anything with smartphones these days? Yes, there is massive improvement in an entertainment way and to be honest it's the tweaking and hacking that I love But my E55 used to be readable in bright sunlight, had global maps coverage, no wakelock problems and loads more battery life. I don't think any of that is possible with a Galaxy Note? When I look at my frequently used, useful apps I see the following that is available on Symbian: What about you?

Do you find the ebay or Eggdrop apps essential? What about QR codes? Could you go back to a Nokia E71? Senior Member. Join Date: Jan Oct I could even be fine with everything else, looking at how I use my phone right now.

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You're kinda right, most of the mobile innovations of the latest years actually have to do more with entertainment than with anything else. Basic functions actually got better but there's actually nothing spectacular going on with that, apart from internet speeds being bumped up.

Junior Member. May I have an E71 that I got for testing purposes with our mail system.

The stock interface is awful compared to the latest smartphones. That said, I took it when travelling internationally last year.

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As a phone and a device to get mail, it worked fantastic. I'm not going to use it as my everyday phone, but I am going to keep this bad boy and use it when I travel or when I what i need most is a phone that will stay charged longer. I used to own an e Easiest robbery ever I think. Loved it to bits.

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Battery was very good and the keyboard was a particular favorite. Last phone I had with any physical keyboard actually. I could not see myself go back to it however. Just be a big step backwards in terms of apps and general performance. Everything except for battery life is so much better on the modern smart phones of nowadays. Sent from my GT-N using xda premium. I will be fully monitor cell phone without phone android spy remote complaining nokia e71 gps tracking software c and following up, and my credit card co.

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