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Microsoft Excel 3. Visual Basic Classic 2. VB Script 2. Who is Participating? Solutions Learn More Through Courses. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL And yours supports Windows Mobile I wasn't able to find a support site for your device anywhere on Acer.

I was able to find the user manual at this link: Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. This PDA is already 5 years old. It is really impossible to upgrade the OS image on the device to Windows Mobile 5 or 6. Because of a hardware reason. It was not too much even in Together with n30, Acer released also n35 and n50 that had more memory. Nice to hear that Acer n30 still works.

Mikal Commented: Its not impossible to upgrade. Ms gives these rom updates out to the mnaufactere. If acer does not release it then you have to buy a new pda.

Acer n30 se ROM update

Learn More! I asked Acer guys directly 2 or 3 years ago about it.

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They said me that the reason is something wrong with the "hardware". I didn't ask about the details. It can be a legal issue with a driver even. The answer is clear - Acer n30 is not for Windows Mobile 5 or 6. All the companies say its a hardware issue. Your best bet is a HTC pda. Also, I think, it works in HTC in a different way.

I want to hope so. Acer was just an "integrator" - few project managers connecting few hardware and software companies - at least it was so in the personal devices' department. I don't know how it is now. LVL 4. For more information about using the input panel, writing and drawing on the screen, and creating recordings, see "2 Entering data in your Acer n30" on page When working online, you read and respond to messages while connected to the email server.

Messages are sent as soon as you tap Send, which saves space on your handheld. When working offline, once you've downloaded new message headers or partial messages, you can disconnect from the email server and then decide which messages to download completely.

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When you choose to create a new document, you will be prompted to save any already open document. To use the Pocket Word file list Pocket Word contains a list of the files stored on your handheld. For more information on entering typed text, see "Using the input panel" on page You can select text as you do in a Word document, using your stylus instead of the mouse to drag through the text you want to select. Gridlines appear as a guide. When you lift your stylus off the screen after the first stroke, you'll see a drawing box indicating the boundaries of the drawing.

Protecting your workbooks If your workbook contains sensitive information, you can protect it with a password. Every time you open the workbook, you will need to enter the password, so choose one that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Tap to specify the books you want to display in the list. Tap here to navigate to other parts of the Reader. Reading a book Each book consists of a cover page, an optional table of contents, and the pages of the book.

These options are available from any book page. Select text by dragging across the text on the page. Tap Annotations Index on the book's cover page. Tap an entry in the list to go to the annotated page. The expansion features of your handheld allow you to use any of the following storage devices: In the Backup tab, choose whether to accept the default filename MyBackup or type a new one by tapping on the keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen.

Select a storage device from the 'Backup to' pull-down menu. The lower half of the screen will display a list of files contained in the selected storage device.

Morange for Windows Mobile for Pocket PC

Filename, file size and date when the backup file was created are indicated in the list. The slim and lightweight design of your Acer n30 belies its impressive expansion features.

Morange for Windows Mobile, compatible Devices

These expansion features include: Gently remove the card from the slot b. Via 3-in-one sync cable, you can access a USB thumb drive directly on your n Inserting an USB thumb drive Get the 3-in-one sync cable, and attach its pin connector to the handheld. ActiveSync is already installed on your handheld. Your n30 will receive all incoming InfraRed IR or Bluetooth beams and asks you after the transmission has been established whether you wish to accept those beams. Bluetooth link. Bluetooth is available only for nB.

Check your cellular phone's instruction manual to determine screen inputs for the forthcoming Bluetooth bonding screens. On your n30, you will be asked to enter the PIN selected on your cellular phone. Both PINs must match or bonding will fail. If this is the method you want to use, see "To create an wireless Ethernet connection to a network" on page End a connection To disconnect, do one of the following: Pocket Internet Explorer Use Microsoft ways: To do this, you'll need to create the connection first, as described in "9 Getting connected" If you did not specify an update schedule, you will need to manually download content to keep the information updated on both your computer and handheld.

Before synchronising with your handheld, in Internet Explorer on your computer, click Tools and then Synchronise. You'll see the page that was downloaded the last time you synchronised with your computer. If the page is not on your handheld, the favorite will be dimmed. You will need to synchronise with your computer again to download the page to your handheld, or connect to the Internet to view the page. Customise your handheld by doing either of the following: Determine your handheld and processor type so that you know which version of the software to install.

Read any installation instructions, Read Me files, or documentation that comes with the program. Many programs provide special installation instructions. The installation wizard will begin. Follow the directions on the screen. Exchanging and updating data using Bluetooth Utility only for nB Appendix: Bluetooth Utility Bluetooth utility is the solution for the seamless integration of Bluetooth technology into devices that use the PocketPC operating system. Exchanging and updating data using Bluetooth Utility only for nB — My Shortcuts-displays a list of pre-configured connections and establishes — Active Connections-displays active incoming and outgoing connections.

Exchanging and updating data using Bluetooth Utility only for nB than one phone number, you can select the number to be dialed. Phone numbers can also be modified before they are dialed. To use the Dial via Bluetooth feature: Block Recognizer Letter Recognizer soft keyboard Transcriber using My Text writing on the screen convert to text expansion features Acer versatile connector attaching expansion sleeve inserting CompactFlash card removing CompactFlash card handheld guides maintenance package contents resetting Microsoft Pocket Outlook Calendar create meeting request open schedule appointment summary screen Contact create contact find contact open summary screen Inbox connect to email server manage folders Message list open synchronise email Notes create note open Tasks create task open summary screen Microsoft Pocket PC companion programs Page of 98 Go.

Acer n30 Manual

Page 20 - Connecting the computer Page 21 - Setting up your Acer n30 Page 22 - Performing the first synchronisation pro Exchanging and updating data u Manual for. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Previous page. Next page. Page 2 Record the serial number, purchase date, and place of purchase information in the space provided below.

Page 3: Page 4 Abou t thi s Manu al Page 5: Your Guides We hope you enjoy using your Acer n30 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Page 6: Package Contents Up-to-date information regarding your handheld Package contents Your Acer n30 comes packed in a cardboard box. Page 7: Performing A Soft Reset Use a soft, damp cloth to clean your handheld. Page 8: Locking Your Acer N30 First things first Locking your Acer n30 Use the tip of your stylus to toggle the reset switch to the left a and back to the right b on the bottom of your handheld. Page 9: Table Of Contents Resetting your Acer n Page 10 Drawing on the screen Page 11 Using the Guidebook Page 12 Removing programs Page Top View Microphone Inputs audio into your handheld.

Bottom View 1 Getting started Preparing to use your Acer n30 Bottom view Preparing to use your Acer n30 Perform the following easy installation tasks to begin using your handheld: Connecting The Computer 1 Getting started Preparing to use your Acer n30 Connecting the computer The 3-in-one sync cable that comes with your handheld enables you to synchronise the information on your handheld with the data in your computer using ActiveSync technology. Performing The First Synchronisation Process 1 Getting started Preparing to use your Acer n30 To set up your Acer n30 Turn on your handheld by pressing the power button on the left side.

Page 26 1 Getting started Command interface To Use Block Recognizer With Transcriber you can write anywhere on the screen using the stylus just as you would on paper. To Convert Writing To Text If you add writing to a word to change it such as changing a attempt to recognise the word, the writing you add will not be included if you attempt to recognise the writing again. Recording A Message 2 Entering data in your Acer n30 Recording a message Recording a message In any program where you can write or draw on the screen, you can also quickly capture thoughts, reminders, and phone numbers by recording a message.

Managing Applications And Information and information This chapter will discuss the following topics: Page 38 3 Managing applications and information Switching between applications Icon Program Usage Contacts Keep track of your friends and colleagues. Finding And Organising Information Finding and organising information Using the Find function and the File Explorer window will allow you to find and manage your files easily.

To Use File Explorer 3 Managing applications and information Finding and organising information To use File Explorer Use File Explorer to locate files on your handheld and to organise these files into folders.