Samsung galaxy s2 roms 2014

If you like the Samsung skin, but wish you could modify the themes and appearance of your device, then NeatROM will satisfy your needs. In practice, and depending on your kernel, NeatRom has a good reputation of being gentle on your battery too.

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The developers of CyanFox are constantly listening to user feedback, even though the development of this rom is community-based. Version 2.

You can find out about all the installation process and functions on their official Cyanfox ROM website. Of course, it might take some time to discover all of ins and outs, but PACman is sure to satisfy all types of users that long to be able to adapt the Android system to their specific wants and needs. Find out about installation at the XDA Developer's forum. CyanogenMod is probably the most renowned custom ROM and at the moment, is the most used on all devices.

One thing that makes it such a great ROM is how easy it can be installed. The developers of CyanogenMod created an installer that allows users to very easily flash CM After this, you can update your phone with a CyanogenMod 11 Nightly not the final and stable version. Here is more information about the one-click installation of CyanogenMod. Which did you prefer? Can i install a custom rom lower than my stock rom?

For example can i install an iCs rom in place of kk since it'll be more fast. They're stable enough for daily use, in fact I've been on Omni since December on my Intl S2 i and every feature works just great. Samsung Unpacked.

Flashing the Stock ROM on Your Device

Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Best Android Launchers. NeatROM- Android 4. The number of options on PACman is pretty incredible. The CyanogenMod logo is just as emblamatic as the Nexus logo. Write new comment:. All changes will be saved. No drafts are saved when editing. Submit Cancel. I need 2. Check this out — http: I got 4. Not all the firmwares will work for your India specific device. Im using phoenix rom and i want to reinstall the stock rom for my samsung s4.

Please check out the site mentioned in the post and there will be firmwares for various countries. Hi there! I am having s3 updated to stock jelly bean 4. Also sorry for bad english. Use the firmware that was originally came preloaded on your device. Hi Zia, Did you get a solution for the above problem. Please help me, below is the log from ODIN 3 message box:. Enter CS for MD Check MD Do not unplug the cable..

Please wait.. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. Leave CS.. Odin v. File analysis.. Get PIT for mapping..

Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Android 5.1.1]

Firmware update start.. RES OK!! Remain Port …. It does that the process went successfully.

Paranoid Android 4.2 BETA 2 - Android 4.4.2 KitKat

The first boot takes longer than the usual boot-up time, so please be patience and see if your device boots—up normally after 5 or 10 minutes. Hello I was just about to install SlimLP rom 5. In case you forgot to create the backup, you can use the above method to get rid of any custom ROMs and be back on the stock ROM. You cannot go back to stock rom by restoring to a previously backed up setting once you flash your phone with a custom rom Kent.

Backup and restore will only reverse official updates. To go back to 4.

Best custom ROMs for Galaxy S2: our top 5 | AndroidPIT

They will probably link you to rapidgator. When you get your stock firmware use model number at the back of the phone under the battery to get exact model thus exact rom. Is there no other place where I am able to download the firmware as those download mirrors are pretty awful. Yes, the above method should erase all the apps installed on your device, including the root apps. Nope, your phone will not be rooted after doing the above procedure.

Please Help. Try using a lower version of Odin, preferably Odin v1. That should fix the problem for you. If not then the. MD5 file which you have downloaded is either corrupt or not completely downloaded. Please inform me if the solution worked or not.

WizzKat ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

But this should do it for you. My Samsung Galaxy S3 i is running on cyanogenmod In download mode, the binary counter have 5counts. Is it okay to directly flash stockrom via odin without resetting the flash counter? You can download the stock ROM for the mentioned device from here — http: GT-S — http: I recieved my, in China ordered, phone yesterday and this seems to be rooted allready.

It seems, after some searching, that the software is most likely from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But, how to be sure about this? Hey Ive upgraded my Galaxy Y S and i cant press any buttons in the screen and iwant do downgrade my android to stock how do iknow the exact firmware? Skip to content. Is this article useful?

Yes No. Comments Facebook Tweet. Hello Abbood, Thanks for your suggestion. Thanks Scott! Hi Jarred, Flashing the stock ROM on your device should reinstall all of the system apps on your device. Hello Simon, We are glad our post helped you fix issues on your device. Hi Santhosh, Nop, just download the above single package file and it should be sufficient for you to get your device back to stock.

Thanks for responding.