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Your Shaw email without shaw. Your Shaw email password Choose sync settings Select Save. Your Name Email: Your Shaw email Description: Incoming Mail Server Host Name: Shaw email without shaw. Email Setup.

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Account Type. Email address.

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  • Your Shaw email address. Incoming Server Name. Incoming Server Security Type. Incoming Server Port.


    Outgoing Server Name. Outgoing Server Security Type. Users who want to have multiple devices connected to their Shaw email account and want to share their Shaw Webmail Contacts, Calendars on all devices. Users who want to have access to their emails while offline should choose this setup method. Moving, sending or deleting tasks are performed on the server so your other devices are kept in sync. A small cache copy of your email is kept on your device limiting off-line access. ActiveSync allows you to sync your Webmail Contacts and Reminders with your device.

    Setting Up Email on an iPad Using Shaw | syjusucy.cf

    Any emails sent from this device will appear on Webmail and any emails deleted from the device will also be deleted from Webmail. While using POP3 your email client downloads a copy of all mail received by the mailbox, optionally deleting the messages from Webmail. Any changes made only affect emails on that device and will not affect other devices or Webmail. ActiveSync Exchange ActiveSync Exchange offers advanced mail handling, less confusion for accounts connected to multiple devices, and synchronization with calendars and contacts. Shaw email address including shaw.

    Mail settings you might need from your email provider

    Leave as optional Username: Your Shaw email address without shaw. Your email password Description: Not all of these settings may be requested. Option 1: Yes Username: Your email password Mail Server Host Name: Option 2: Host Name: Your email password Enter the following information for the Outgoing Mail Server: Your email password Select Save and wait until Verifying Slide the switch beside Server if this is not the case Enter the following information if it has not been filled in correctly for the Outgoing Mail Server: Your email password Use SSL: ON Authentication: Password Server Port: Common issues Here are some common issues that may be affecting the email setup on your iPhone.

    Security Requirements for Mobile Access: If your password does not meet these requirements then mail setup will not work. In this case, you may have to change your password to meet the security requirements seen below and then update this password in any other household devices and programs where it may be saved for example Mac Mail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, smartphone, tablet. Once updated you can proceed to setup your email client again with your new password. Mobile Access Security Requirements a minimum of 6 characters at least 1 upper-case letter at least 1 lower-case letter a special character e.

    Setting up Webmail 2.0 on your iPhone or iPad

    Email Client: