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Sri Ram. Sri Ram Sri Ram 20 8. Here is the sample example as per your requirement: Hope this will help you. Karlos Karlos 1, 14 I have seen this , this is not Im looking for. I have created a sample code as per your requirement.

Address Book Tutorial in Swift and iOS

This method will commit any unsaved changes to the address book. Authorized case:.

If asked, give the app permission to use the Address Book. You should see the pets! There are still a few things to fix up. First, you may have noticed that if you tap a pet twice, two entries will appear in the contact list. But there can only be one Shippo! In this snippet of code, you are checking if the Pet exists as a contact already.

If it does, you display and alert and exit the method early to skip the code that creates a record.

The Contact Store Class

If it does, it will return the ABRecordRef of the contact. From there, it constructs an alert controller to let the user know the pet is already in the address book. Build and run the app, and try to select one of the pets multiple times. Look for an alert that says the contact already exists to appear. To start off, create the following method. This method takes a String as a parameter, searches through an array of all existing groups for if the requested group exists. If it already exists, it will return its ABRecordRef.

If not, it will create a group with this name and save the changes. Add the following method:. You want to give the user the option to add the pet to the group after the pet is in the address book. This code adds an additional button to the alerts shown when you tap on a pet for adding the pet to the new group.

Asking for Permission

Build and run your app. You will now be able to add a Pet to a group after adding it for the first time and after every subsequent tap. You set the displayed record as the current pet record, and then push the view controller onto the navigation stack. Build and run the app! Tap on a Pet that has already been added to your Address Book.

iOS 6 - iPhone Tutorial - Remove Facebook Friends From iOS Contacts app - IOS 6.1

A phonetic name is the name of a person, written as it is pronounced, rather than how the name is spelled. These phonetic names are very useful for Siri. Create a contact in your list. First, we need to find the fields in the contact store for phonetic name. Aside from getting the localized full name of a contact, you can also get her address information, again, properly localized, using the CNPostalAddressFormatter class. You want to use a built-in system dialog to allow your users to pick contacts from their contact store.

They need to be presented modally. You will then attempt to read the phone numbers from that contact. Some of the interesting methods in this delegate are:. In this example, I want to allow the user to pick a contact, whereupon I will read all the phone numbers from that contact.

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I have placed a button in my storyboard and hooked that button to a method in my code called pickaContact. In that code, I present a simple contact picker:. Then, when the user picks a contact, I just print out all the phone numbers of that contact, if any, to the console:. You already know how to do that using what you learned in Recipe 4.

In this example, we are looking for contacts with phone numbers, but the user is allowed to pick any contact, even if that contact has no phone numbers.

Address Book Tutorial in Swift and iOS | syjusucy.cf

How do we remedy this? Here we can create a predicate that checks the count of the phoneNumbers property. The contacts that pass this predicate will be selectable by the user so that when the user taps that contact, the controller is dismissed and we get access to the contact object. The contacts that do not pass this predicate will still be selectable, but upon selection, their details will be shown to the user using the system UI. This is a predicate that dictates which property for any contact the user should be able to pick.

In addition to all of this, you can also allow the user to pick multiple contacts. You want to specify some basic information for a new contact and let a system UI and the user take care of the creation of this contact. You have Recipe 4.

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What if you have some basic information about a contact, or no information at all, and you want your user to supply the rest of the information? Use this method to dismiss pop the contact view controller:. Create a simple contact with some basic information and then ask the user to complete the creation process:. If you pass nil , the new-contact dialog that the user will see will be empty and the user will have to fill out every field in the UI. Why would you? So this is what we are going to do: Make sure that you fetch all the required keys for your contact.

By default, when a contact is displayed, the contact controller allows the user to edit that contact. You can disable that behavior by setting the allowsEditing property of the controller to false. Also bear in mind that you have to set the contactStore property of the controller to the same store from where you fetched your contact.

There is another interesting property on the controller: As its name implies, it allows you to pass a series of contact property keys that have to be displayed. Other properties will be hidden. I have, in our code, enabled only email and postal addresses. Some other information such as full name are shown by default. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Chapter 4. Figure Clean state of the Contacts app on the simulator. Solution Follow these steps: Create an instance of the CNMutableContact class. Set its various properties, such as givenName , middleName , and familyName.

Set the container ID to nil. Also, I am using a property on my class that is my instance of the contact store: Note I did not set the year for the anniversary because an anniversary is a repeating event. Note If you run this code n times on the same device, you will get n of the same contacts. The new contact in all its glory. Solution There are various ways of fetching contacts from a store. Here are some of them, in no particular order: Go through all matching contacts and print their first and last name alongside their identifier property: