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HTC also impresses us with some other nice design touches; the touch sensitive back, home and search keys are responsive and backlit, the physical camera key is raised and provides good tactility, and both the volume and power keys are well positioned and easy to press.

HTC Trophy Review: A Windows Phone for Verizon

Our only complaint is the fact the camera lens protrudes slightly, and doesn't have a cover. The HTC 7 Trophy has a 3.

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The screen has good viewing angles, crisp colour and displays clear text, but it lacks the true vibrancy and wow factor of the Samsung Omnia 7 's 4in Super AMOLED display. The weather hub is complete with overly elaborate screen transitions and is location-based, so it will automatically update as you move. The HTC-developed apps are relatively basic, with attentive phone the most useful; this handy app allows you to activate settings that are standard on many of HTC's Android smartphones including reducing the ring volume when you pick up the phone, increasing the ring volume while the phone is in your pocket or bag, flipping over the phone to activate the loudspeaker during a call or flipping over the phone to mute the ringer during an incoming call.

The camera produces photos with good colour reproduction and detail for a mobile phone camera, but the settings menu is limited; it only offers scenes, effects, resolution, metering mode, and flicker adjustment. Battery life is about what we have come to expect from a smartphone — the HTC 7 Trophy will quickly run out of juice if you use it frequently but should last a full day. For better battery life, we recommend turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, and keeping the screen brightness down.

HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7 device Review: Software Tour

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I need power and lots of it. Sign up here. Expert Rating. Pros Stylish, thin design, good screen, HD video recording, ease of use. We first saw the words "HTC" and "Trophy" on the same page in a roadmap leak all the way back in Perhaps that original design was scrapped along with WinMo's relevancy to the consumer smartphone market. Customer reviews: HTC Trophy, Black 16GB (Verizon Wireless)

We don't know and we may never know. What we can tell you is what it's like to live with a production HTC Trophy for a week -- an average speced touchscreen slate offering anything but a middle-of-the-road experience. This review is primarily of the HTC Trophy hardware. Check out our full review of Windows Phone 7 for our thoughts on the OS.

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Hardware If you're looking for high-end hardware then you might as well quit reading now. The 0.

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In fact, there's not a single standout spec in the bunch. From there we've got a bright 3. The autofocus camera is also pretty standard with a 5 megapixel sensor, LED flash, and p video recording capability. It's also packing a bevy of sensors for gravity, compass, proximity, and ambient light.

HTC 7 Trophy Review

Up front, the Trophy is almost bereft of any notable features other than a silver ring that creates a subtle border between the front-side glass and plastic bezel that gently bleeds into the trophy's soft-touch backside. A long pointillistic earpiece is barely visible just above the glass along the upper edge. Hit the power button and the three capacitive keys for back, start, and search ignite with a pleasant pale white glow. A small notification light just to the right of the HTC logo glows amber only when charging then turns green when fully charged.

Miss a call and it will flash green every 2 seconds. Sorry, no front-facing camera here. A stealthy black volume rocker hugs the upper left-hand side as you face the display and a microUSB jack waits patiently along the lower left. On the right you have a silver, two-stage camera button near the bottom edge. On the bottom, a single small microphone can be seen on the lower edge, offset just a bit from center. On top, you've got the power button on the left and an angled 3. Not very useful for making an impromptu hands-free call while walking down the sidewalk like a Verve miscreant. While the buds combine with the Trophy to create passable sound for your collection of torrented kbps MP3s, they're are so comically oversized and ill-fiting that you'll want to replace them straight away.

Things get busy around back and halfway up the sides where HTC has applied a soft-touch finish that looks good while making the device easy to handle securely. It's here that you see the camera lens flanked by a single LED flash on the left and a reasonably powerful loudspeaker on the right.

Unfortunately, the speaker is blocked, muffling the volume when placed backside down on a flat surface such as a table top -- there's simply not enough of a gap to bounce the sound back towards the listener. In other words, you'll need to flip the LCD onto the table to hear the speaker at full volume. Fortunately, HTC provides additional motivation to do exactly that with an app that automatically flips on the backside speaker during a call when it senses the screen being flipped over more on that later.

The back cover peels off with a fingernail embedded into a slot along the top edge. Doing so reveal a rather striking orange battery and matching translucent plastic shell. Removing the battery gives you access to the SIM slot. No, you can't access the fixed 8GB microSD card even if you wanted to, it's nowhere to be found. We've been impressed by the Trophy's mAh battery and its ability to power the handset through the day. In general, we're making it hours before reaching for the microUSB charger.

That's after using a combination of WiFi and 3G data under real-world usage with our Exchange account set to push Google email, contacts, and calendar data as content items arrive and with Windows Live checking every 30 minutes. That's pretty good considering that we're also downloading and testing a variety apps, sampling games, snapping a few photos, listening to music, and viewing a few minutes of video content while obsessively checking Twitter throughout. As you'd expect, battery life drops quickly when using the camera and video recording functionality even without LED flash support.

On one particularly heavy day of usage, we shot about 15 minutes of video and 30 stills forcing us back to the wall charger after about 10 hours. Call quality is fine it's neither the worst nor the best we've seen on the Trophy, with or without the included earbuds, or when going commando and using the Trophy as a speakerphone.

Put it all together and you've got a handset that feels and looks really solid -- not cheap, slippery, and lightweight like the otherwise impressive Galaxy S. It doesn't look premium in that flashy iPhone 4 way but it does feel just as good in the hand as it does slipping effortlessly into the front pants pocket. Unique Apps "Unique" is a bit of a misnomer here. Without going back through them in detail, let's hit the highlights.

Key Specifications

Like all the brand-specific apps, the HTC Hub is meant to be a differentiator to help prevent Windows Phone 7 devices from becoming commodities. Unfortunately, the HTC Hub app is overwrought with animations that impede its ability to deliver content primarily the weather quickly. It's fun the first few times but incredibly annoying thereafter.