Sony xperia go screen freeze

Some apps indicated by can only be disabled and not uninstalled. Downloaded applications can cause your device to behave unexpectedly or affect its performance. Use safe mode to check if any downloaded applications are causing the problem. In safe mode, your device only starts with software and applications that were already installed when you purchased your device. You can exit safe mode and restart the device to uninstall the application or applications that you suspect are causing the problem.

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If the problem is recent and you're not sure which application is causing the problem, you can start by uninstalling the most recently downloaded application. To enable Safe mode Turn off your device. Press and hold down the power key. To exit Safe mode , restart the device. Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements. If your Xperia Z makes the sound or responds like it normally would when unlocking your phone then the touch screen is still working but the display has malfunctioned and your phones display will need to be repaired or more likely replaced.

If this is the case then you can narrow it to a bad display and respond appropriately. Remember that if your phone is less than a year old and has no signs of physical or liquid damage then it is still covered under the manufactures warranty, and the phones warranty would cover this issue. My phone's screen wouldn't work and i was giving up!!

Fix Sony Xperia SP touch screen problems solution help solve.

But this tip worked perfectly!!! Thank you! I have had a Sony Experia C since the last 2 months. I have made the "mistake" of draining the battery fully, and was puzzled the last time when it didn't start.

Thanks for the help! My one year old xperia miro hanged and switched off suddenly after connecting a 3. I have seen many cases where a headset jack has caused audio problems on the device but not really power issues… I suppose it could happen though. Try those suggestions though as they might give you an edge in resolving this issue and might help to get your phone to power on again. I am glad it helped.

Check out How to fix a phone that keeps powering itself off for some suggestions to resolve that specific issue and it should set you on the right track. Good day Sir! I did volume up and down simultaneously with the power but nothing happened, My mom can ring my phone so it means my phone is on but my phone doesn't ring at all. If that was the case and you could hear your Xperia SP ring but it was stuck with a black screen then it would mean that your display went out and would need replacing. Try charging it though and attempt a few more simulated battery pulls for good measure.

Hie guys And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let us know that the simulated battery pull was able to get your Sony Xperia C to power on again.

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Tried the above and phone restarted. One of the best tips I have known in a long time. Thanks a ton! My xperia had a full battery and it just shut down and I can't get it to turn On. My phone shows a security password screen whenever i try to open settings or any time in between. I want to format but cant even tried volume up plus power button it just starts normally all the time.

Pls advice. I've tried everything that you have on your post.

Re: Sony Xperia Z screen freezes after software update

But still my xperia phone is not working, I tried to call using my other phone it does ring but the screen is blank. My phone is just 5 days old. And i am too far to go to the service center. Sorry to hear that your having problems with your new cell phone. If you can hear your phone ring when receiving a call then that means that your phone is still working but its display is malfunctioning and will need to be repaired or replaced.

What make and model of phone did you get? Great help, wasn't sure how long to hold the power and volume button for, but this help massively. Many many thanx for this fix it advice. Worked immediately. My screen froze today while I was using. BUT u came to the rescue with your helpful tip. I have xperia play i was repairing my phone and accidently at the end phone cable came out of my phone. Now the phone is not booting up, pressing power button has no effect also when i put it on charging it shows sony er.

If a cable came undone then that can be a hard thing to fix, especially if it was previously soldered. I am assuming that you had the phone apart when you were repairing it. You might be able to take it into a local repair shop as well.

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They would be able to do a quick diagnostic in person to let you know if it would be worth trying to salvage it or if it would be more affordable to just get another device all together. You have certainly peaked my interest. It was not switching on despite many attempts. While i put it on charging it was showing red light.

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I read this, first i tried with down volume button but it did't work and here we go; i used the up volume key and it worked in juz 10 secs. Thank you so much dude. Glad to hear that it worked my friend. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what Sony Xperia Smartphone that this helped to fix. Thank you for also letting others, especially other readers that may have the same phone, know that you used the Volume up and Power key to get your Xperia C to power on again. Hehe, I am glad that this trick helped you to breathe some life into your dead Xperia smartphone.

Thanks for visiting the site and taking the time to leave a comment, may your Xperia phone last for many more years to come. Didnt work for me, but what did finally work was 'flashing' the phone with flashtool. I need help with my xperia c While im downloading for update using pc companion, suddenly it ask to connect to mobogenie but cannot connect at all. I retry it many times but failed. I disconnect my phone from pc and then the phone cannot turn on at all. I need help ASAP. I dont mind everything in my phone memory lost but at least i can get it on.

I need feedback ASAP. Awesome tip, works like a gem on my Xperia T. Skip to main content. All you need to do is a simulated battery pull A simulated battery pull will simply tell the phone to reboot, to turn itself off and then back on.

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Hi Julie, Touch screen issues are not fun issues, as you are quickly finding out without your touch screen it is very difficult to use your smartphone. Thank you very much. Please help. Hi Akia, Sorry to hear that your having issues with your Xperia Go. Rock meet hard place.