App store crashes ios 5.1.1 jailbreak

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Fix Safari Crashing on iPad and iOS

Thought I would have to jaillbreak it to have new apps. Is there any other way? Duplicate of apple. But after a lot of search I found: You install iTunes if you haven't already. You pair your hardware with an Apple account, again if you haven't done already. You find apps with older version of it existing and working on iOS 5. You associate it get it, download it to your account on iTunes on Mac or PC. You find the same app on the older hardware iPad 1 iOS 5.

Instead of download, you will see Install. Select Install.

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A popup will appear offering downloading older version of the app. Click Yes. Enjoy your new old 5. Would love app update for older iOS by developers but don't expect it. App Store now lets you grab the last compatible app version on legacy devices I would also recommend using the iPad as is for a while. Djay Djay 11 3. Many of the simple games, for example ' iTrash' a digital version of the card game 'Garbage', constantly crash, while they play fine on my wife's iPad 2.

Go figure.

IPad first gen crash - Fixed!

Sep 16, 1: Apple wouldn't be trying to get us to buy a new iPad which I personally don't need, mine is only 4 years old woudn't they? Naaaaaah, they'd never do that. Sep 21, 9: I love my iPad 1 but this issue has turned it into a disappointing user experience. As others have noted, the suggested fixes do not work. Is this an IOS version issue? And if so, is it possible to roll back to an earlier and more stable version? Sep 22, 3: I've been dealing with similar issues.

Resetting and restoring have proven to only waste time. We tested out a surface last week and while it has it's shortcomings, it did not crash regularly. Due to this issue I will not be buying another iPad- the reasoning is simple. Nothing about the newer iPads justify their cost to me and the iPad1 reminds me of using a PC in the Windows 98 days. I do not think apple will lose many customers due to the issue, however, since most apple customers seem to take hang the latest device very seriously, even when the specs are only marginally better. To each their own I suppose.

If the iPad1 did not crash on a regular basis it would still be a great tablet for me. Sep 23, 6: Since then I have run the gammut of every cat named OSX on my three MACs, each progressive OSX upgrade causing various issues, prohibiting some applications from ever running again, or necessitating the need for total upgrades at hefty prices fpr others. I now fear the upcoming release of OSX After viewing all the media hype of yet another iPhone release and IOS7, watching sadly as thousands of people sat in lines for hours to get the latest iPhone that will ultimately populate a landfill within the next year or so, I believe you are correct Dsmity, about Apple not going to loose any customers.

Rushed to market devices with the latest innovations being doled out in mere dribbles every few months, to drive sales solely to boost market share and stock prices, instead of having an actual breakthrough, fully operational product that will stand the test of time and offer consumers real bang for their buck for a few years has become not just Apple's business strategy, but most major company's modus operandi. Can everyone say 'Planned Obsolescence'?

Sep 23, It seems that this is an issue with the iPad 1 and IOS 5. I did not have this problem with earlier versions of the operating system. I always accept Apple updates when suggested and unfortunately an OS upgrade seems to have created the instability. Does anyone know how to roll back to an earlier and more stable version of the operating system? I love my iPad and I just want it to work again Oct 5, 8: Oct 6, 8: Oct 6, Thanks for posting this.

I did everything suggested and I hope it works.

Troubleshooting Tips for Safari Crashes on iPad & iOS

The problem started with the 5. If anyone knows how to roll back the operating system to a 4. It would have been awesome if Apple had warned iPad 1 users not to accept that upgrade, but since they didn't perhaps we can return to stability with a "downgrade" to 4. I tried the changes to the settings and regularly go in and close things I'm not using and it still isnt right. I've been using Facebook on Safari Facebook app is too slow and doesn't update properly to look It seems to be on things where there are a lot of images whether it's adverts still or animated or photos.

How To Get Cracked App Store Apps On iOS 5.1.1 / iOS 5.1 Using AppSync And Installous

People's individual pages on Facebook are particularly bad to try to use. Its getting really tiring and frustrating. App Store does it sometimes too.

If they're not going to let us down-date or whatever so we can use it, they should let us have a discount on a new one. Why should we pay out for these things when the new one comes out, when the old ones and their owners get brushed aside?

I can't afford to rush out to buy the new one and just throw this one away! Ipad1 keeps crashing and apps keep closing? More Less.

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